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Posted on Nov 15, 2010 in Weigh Ins | 8 comments

No-Frills Weigh-In #13

No frills, as in I’m not going to beat around the bush:

212.0 lbs this morning.

A .2 pound weight loss. And you know what? I’m okay with it! It’s still a loss (even though .2 pounds is like, a glass of water and a cracker) and I already had made peace with not losing this week, so the fact that anything came off the scale is cause for celebration. This make a total loss-to-date of exactly 34 pounds! And if you average out last week and this week, in fact, I’m still doing really well with well over 2 lbs/week! And I had a major fitness accomplishment over the weekend as well, so I’m not feeling too shabby.

I do know, however, that I could probably have lost a lot more if I had been more diligent with my eating. Pigged out at the potluck, had drinks and greasy snacks when I went out on Friday, etc. Sigh. I’m slipping back into some bad habits, folks. Looking in the fridge when I’m not hungry, snacking just because I’m bored. I think that it’s a big step for me that I can identify that I’m doing these things, but at the same time it’s not really stopping me from doing it.

Yesterday I made a batch of brownies just because I had the mix sitting in the pantry, and then proceeded to eat four of them throughout the day. (Granted, they’re small brownies, but still, four is too many.) I think that my issue is that if it’s there, I want to eat it. If there’s a bag of chips in the pantry, I’m probably going to grab a handful. If there are cookies sitting on the counter, it is highly likely that I’m going to snag one every time I pass by. So the conclusion one must draw from this is, of course, don’t let it be there to eat.

There’s only so much I can do since I live with three other people, but if I can at least make sure that none of the food I keep around is of the junk variety, I can help lessen the problem, if not remove it completely. That’s why I was so successful in the beginning – I was so excited about eating healthy that I never even thought about having the stuff around even for “treating myself” or whatever, but now I’m getting bored and complacent and it’s so easy to jump off the wagon. And I know these things. But I’m still not doing much about it. Knowing is half the battle, but the other half involves action. So here’s my action plan for the week:

1. Go running 3 times in the gym this week, and complete another outside run over the weekend. My goal is to get up to 2.5 miles on the treadmill, and be able to repeat this past weekend’s run of over 2 miles outside (since running outside is way harder than running on a treadmill!) I already have my gym bag ready and waiting on the floor next to me in preparation of this afternoon.

2. Bring my lunch to work every day this week. I think this is a big pitfall for me. When I don’t bring my lunch, I usually buy something from the deli downstairs in our building, which does have some healthy choices but I rarely opt for them. If I can just abstain from visiting the deli at all, I won’t have to muster the willpower to pass up the trays of mac and cheese and chicken wings. It becomes a non-issue, which is my favorite kind of issue. Today I brought some leftover whole wheat Thai noodle salad with bean sprouts, carrots, and homemade peanut sauce. Yum! Sidenote: this will hopefully also help with my budget which is beginning to become more of an issue for me as the holiday season approaches… oy vey.

3. Utilize the pupsters to combat boredom. Having identified that I’m slipping back into bored-eating patterns, I’ve decided to use my loving puppydogs to help me out. Whenever I feel bored and catch myself wandering into the kitchen even though I’m not hungry, I will take one of the dogs for a walk. Since I definitely don’t walk them enough at all, this will be super beneficial for them. And it will be super beneficial for me because it’s replacing eating with activity. Plus, I need to start walking them individually more often anyway since they’re still not that great on-leash (and the trainer said the only way to fix their bad leash-habits is to work with them individually anyway.) Two birds, one stone!

What do you guys think of my action plan? Any additional tips or pointers having to do with either the 5K or getting my eating habits back on track are more than welcome. Do you think I should be aiming for more than 2.5 miles on the treadmill this week? The 5K is NEXT WEEK, so I worry that I’m not ramping it up enough, but I also don’t want to hurt myself or psych myself out by putting a goal that’s unattainably high.

As you can see, my actual weight loss isn’t really my primary concern at present moment, which is kind of a good thing, I think. It’s not good to only measure my journey in sheer numbers, as many of you have said before. I just want to make sure I’m not completely letting it slide in light of other things I’m concentrating on fitness-wise. Balance, balance, balance. Ideas and opinions welcome!


  1. Remember that the increased physical activity you are doing is going to increase your food intake as well. Running two miles requires fuel, probably in higher capacity than you usually eat!

    In addition as you start to build muscle in your legs, you will probably eat more because muscle burns more calories than fat.

    Don’t lose hope! Those are good things! Eating shouldn’t feel guilty as long as the activity to accompany it is there.

      • Oops, what I meant to say was: Yay! Your first comment on my blog! And thanks, Eddo. I am trying to keep up my spirits and not get downtrodden and whatnot, and hearing it from you definitely helps with that. 🙂

  2. If you ever start to feel hungry out of boredom, or you’re not sure if you actually are hungry, take a glass of water. I find that it stops me from eating at times when my brain and my stomach are saying different things.

  3. TOTALLY sympathize with the ‘bored-eating’ and the ‘if it is there, I will eat it’ syndromes! At least you have a handle on it and walking the dogs is an excellent idea!!! Also, considering that the previous week’s loss came largely through kidney-stone starvation, this week’s was pretty darn good maintenance! Keep it up and don’t lose heart. Keep positive images in mind when you walk into the kitchen…like how hot you will look on the cruise in January!!

  4. You are doing awesome – great idea to create some concrete goals for this week. It all sounds awesome and you can do it!! 🙂

  5. so, i went to this lady once and she identified four steps in combatting compulsive behavior. i can’t think of the first two, but third was realizing you have the problem while you’re in the middle of the compulsive behavior, and the fourth, of course is stopping the behavior when you feel it coming on. i know this is no new news, but the fact that you’re at the third phase as opposed to the second is really awesome. it’s the bored eating that gets us all, but you’ve got goals, you’ve got this ;). i’m so proud of you for running!

  6. Those are some great goals! I’m here to help with whatever I can 🙂

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