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Posted on Nov 8, 2010 in Weigh Ins | 7 comments

Triumphant Return to Health & Weight Loss (Weigh-in #12)

Gretchen: 1
Kidney Stone: 0

Well, except for the excruciating days of pain and whatnot that I had to endure. But whatevs. The point is, I am victoriously returning to health! I passed the kidney stone on my own, and any residual pain is just from my kidney normalizing after being inflamed and engorged all sorts of grossness. Hoorah! I am also, however, returning to intense stress. After being out of the office for FOUR days I have a LOT of catching up to do. Plus, my coworker gave birth to a beautiful baby girl over the weekend which is absolutely wonderful, but it also means that she is officially out on maternity leave and I have to absorb her job responsibilities in addition to my own. (Insert mental breakdown.)

This morning has been an absolute madhouse, and I can barely even concentrate on everything I have to do because in addition to all of this, my mom is in surgery as I type. So basically it’s the perfect storm of stressors. Which is why this post is going to be a shortyshortyshortshort, but I couldn’t leave y’all hanging. So here we go with this morning’s weigh-in:

212.2 lbs.

Yay! A 4.6 pound loss, can you believe it? Well actually, I can, since I spent Wednesday prostrate on the bathroom floor, cradling the toilet. I couldn’t keep food or water down that entire night, and then spent the next two days eating mashed potatoes and drinking ginseng water that my mom kept forcing on me. So I guess the secret to breaking a weight loss plateau is getting a kidney stone.

This brings my total loss-to-date to 33.8 lbs. Wow. That feels like a big number. Feels like I’m really finally getting somewhere with all of this. So, I guess a little something good has come out of the bad, although I’m sure next week I’ll squeak out a minuscule number (if not a gain). That’s for another week, though. For now, I just have to live through today. Wish me luck, friends, cause it’s time to jump back into the fray.


  1. Always a silver lining! Don’t let the stress drive you to the munchies! One thing at a time! Proud of you!

  2. So happy to hear you’re okay now!!! take it easy (but not TOO easy haha).

    anyways, thought u might wanna check out this blog thats also about real women trying to get fit (for inspiration & recipes)

  3. I’m proud of your weight loss even if it was because you had a kidney stone for a week! Now it’s back onto the fitness wagon- exercise is good stress relief and much healthier than snacking on junk!!

  4. Congratulations! Over 30 pounds?! That’s amazing. Glad your feeling better, I was worried. Don’t stress take everything as it comes, one minute at a time and you’ll get through it. 🙂

  5. Great job on the weight loss!

    True story, I’m terrified of the scale. I actually haven’t been on it in months because I don’t even want to see what it has to say. I want to weigh myself to keep track and hopefully gain some momentum in losing some weight but I’m terrified to get started. Any words of wisdom for my weird fear? haha

    • The scale used to terrify me, too. What am I talking about – it still does! I don’t think it will ever NOT be nerve-wracking to stand before that judgmental piece of grey plastic on my bathroom floor, haha. But it’s so necessary for me. Because as much as I can say “Oh, I don’t get winded as easily anymore” or “my clothes are fitting better” or whatever, there’s no way to judge my weight loss as accurately as the scale for me.

      I cried when I weighed myself for the first time back in August when I started this blog (and my weight loss journey), but if I hadn’t have done it, I wouldn’t be able to see how far I’ve come since then – 33.8 pounds far, in fact! I don’t think there’s any trick to it, you just have to jump in and jump on. And then the hard part is not letting that number get you down, and remembering that it’s going to start moving veeeeery quickly. However you feel comfortable marking your weight loss is the right way to do it, so don’t feel pressured, but also know that you have worlds of support behind you if you do decide to! 🙂

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