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Posted on Nov 4, 2010 in Fail | 6 comments

Health Update

So yesterday brought an abdominal CT scan. In order to prepare I had to drink of some absolutely disgusting Barium “smoothie” that made me violently ill for the majority of the day. It also determined that my pain is likely coming from a kidney stone. Of course, the CT cut off before the place it is probably lodged, so that’s awesome. Going back into see the doctor this afternoon, but at least the pain has subsided momentarily and I’ve stopped throwing up. Small improvements… I suppose. It really is some of the worst pain ever. They say that passing a kidney stone is a taste of what childbirth is like… soooooooo excited to have a baby now. Not.

Continue thinking healthy thoughts for me!


  1. I’ll see you tonight Pooks- hope you feel better soon.

  2. yucky. so sorry bout all that. you’re inspiring, and I love your humor throughout this whole thing. “sooo excited to have a baby. NOT.” thanks for keeping up the blog even though body is not happy! your adoring fans are appreciative.

  3. Ouch. No good, Gretcho. I’ve had kidney stones twice now, and they are the opposite of enjoyable. I was actually gonna suggest that’s what it might’ve been when I read your last post, since your description sounded eerily like my experience. Hoping you feel better soon! Good luck, and enjoy painkillers. They help a lot during this process.

  4. I feel so bad for you. I hate doctors. Get better soon!

  5. Gretchen!!!!! I am so sorrrrry!!!!! This stinks a stink bug times a BILLION! Seriously let me know if you need anything :o)


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