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Posted on Nov 1, 2010 in Dear Diary, Pup Posts, Weigh Ins | 5 comments

Halloween Weekend Recap (and Weigh-in #11)

Whew. What a weekend. I feel like it just flew by! Don’t worry, it was awesome, just too short (but aren’t they all?) So much to catch up on, so much to tell. It was so packed, in fact, that I don’t even have time to think up a clever title for this post. So, sorry readers. There may be little creativity flowing from my fingertips today, but at least you’ll get the facts. Where do I even start? Well, that’s a silly question, actually. I obviously start at the beginning:


Friday when I got home from work, I started doing a little cleaning and preparing for the big Halloween party that we were throwing Saturday night (which was, of course, the highlight of the weekend!) Taylor and I went grocery shopping for the party, and I also had a bunch of Amazon.com packages that had arrived for me, so I opened ’em up. To my utter surprise, this was in one of them:

I’m not sure if you guys remember me mentioning really wanting an immersion blender in a previous post, but this is the exact one that I had linked to. I could’ve sworn that I didn’t actually order it when I found it on Amazon and linked to it in the post, but I was unsure when I opened it. Did I subconsciously order it? Am I a sleep-orderer? So I checked my order history on Amazon, and there was nothing there. Suddenly a sneaking suspicion arose that I was the lucky recipient of a gift from a very thoughtful boyfriend. A quick call to confirm, and whaddya know, I was! Steve got me the blender when he saw me post that I wanted it on the blog! Isn’t that amazing? It was a total surprise. So my weekend definitely got off to a good start, and I can’t WAIT to use it to make all kinds of delicious soups, sauces, and whatever else I can think of! Anyone have any particular favorite or unique uses for your immersion blender? Please share!

Friday night my friend Amanda came over with her stockpile of awesome Halloween decorations and we (along withmy roommate Erin) made the house super festive. Then, Panda (as she is called) and I grabbed some grub from Whole Foods.

I love Whole Foods for the hodgepodge of stuff you can get from the hot bar there. I got some green beans with bell peppers, curried tofu, red curry chicken, cous cous and quinoa, sweet potato, and a little salmon pasta salad on top.

I also got to try out the new super trendy hydrator you see them drinking on Top Chef all the time now, coconut water! Verdict?

Thumbs up! Literally, haha. Sorry for the cheesy face. But I really did like it! The tagline on the box is “like sticking a straw into a coconut” and it really does taste like it. And I can say that as someone who has actually drank from a straw stuck in a coconut. Street vendors sell them like that in Thailand, and it brought me right back to when we were visiting there. I really enjoyed it. And it’s supposedly full of Vitamin A (or was it C?) and Potassium and all that good stuff, and unlike coconut milk or cream, is low in calories and has no fat. I can definitely see how it wouldn’t be for everyone (it has a light, sweet taste but a little bit of a sour tang to it? Kind of hard to explain.) I’m glad it’s available here in the US now!

So, back to the main timeline here. After dinner, Panda, her boyfriend Mike and I trekked up to Columbia to my friend’s place (JP, Abby, and Jeff – credit where credit’s due!) for some Rock Band 3 and scary Halloween movie-watchage. Now, for those of you who don’t know me, I am so NOT a scary movie fan. I scare super easily, and movies stay with me so I usually have nightmares. Steve met us there, and we watched Trick ‘R Treat which was thoroughly creepy and I was feeling a little queasy by the end of it but I made it. Definitely was checking behind the shower curtains in the bathroom afterward though. Don’t judge.

By the time we got back home it was 2 AM, and I was pooped! I had been up since 5:45 AM that morning for work! So I crashed — obviously — and dragged myself out of bed the next morning to prepare for:


There we were. Party day. All the roommates helped clean the house and prepare it for guests. Luckily, we got most of the decorating done the day before so it was really just a matter of straightening up and getting things prepared. We got to take some downtime and watch the Rally to Restore Sanity and/or Fear on TV before things got jumping. Ben, Taylor, and his friend Rob all tried to go into DC for the rally, but made it as far as the East Falls Church Metro, waited as two completely full trains passed by, and then called me to come pick them up. Apparently it was a complete madhouse!

Erin made sugar cookies and decorated them awesomely for the party – pumpkins and spiderwebs and bats, oh my! They were so fun, I wish I had a picture to show you! We also had chips & salsa, candy (obvi) and a bar set up.  We also set up our long kitchen table for Fear Pong (bahaha) and put some B-Horror movie on the TV for when people started to arrive. Ben managed to snap everyone’s picture as they came in, so we have everyone’s costumes documented, and it was party time! Here is who I went as:

You're a blockhead, Charlie Brown!

Lucy from Peanuts! I’m sure most of you had already guessed that from the supersecret hint I gave you before, but it was fun! I actually played Lucy in the musical You’re a Good Man, Charlie Brown! in high school, so this was a costume I already had on hand. I knew I just had to wear it because I was just so proud I actually fit back into something I wore in high school! It was hard not having other characters to place me (a lot of people guessed I was Little Bo Peep, haha!) but a girl dressed as Charlie Brown actually ended up showing up so that helped make me feel justified, hahaha.

And now, since pictures are worth a thousand words, I’ll stop talking:

So yes, I would say that the party was a definite success. There are many more pictures that Ben posted on Facebook if you’re interested on seeing all the costumed finery, hehe. I ended up being lame and crashing before most people had even gone home (around 1:30) because I had to get up early the next morning. Which, of course, brings us to:


Bright and early Sunday morning I arose and dragged poor, exhausted Daxter to obedience class. He was so tired from being up late the night before with so many people at the house, but he was a trooper and he still did very well (though his attention was definitely waning by the end.) He got some nice homemade Halloween treats from the trainer though – peanut butter cookies that we shared with Harry. 🙂 We went home and lounged around for a while after that, and then cleanup began.

Steve and I also took a trip to Cosi for lunch, and stopped by Penzeys Spices afterward.

This spice shop is AMAZING. They have sample jars of every herb & spice & extract in the shop available for you to see and smell. I got some Hungarian Paprika (the BEST paprika!), Parisien herb mix (chives, french tarragon, basil, etc), sate spice mix (for making chicken sate mmmmm!), and mint hot chocolate mix! Also, the guy at the register threw in some Arizona Dreaming spice mix (for chili and stuff) for free! I am officially in love. I’m so excited to cook with these spices – isn’t it amazing how a few new ingredients can reignite your passion for cooking? 🙂

Sunday was rather uneventful for the most part after that. We only got two groups of trick or treaters come by the house, which was a little disappointing but not surprising, since our house isn’t in a super residential neighborhood. But it was fun nonetheless! Which, okay, here we go, brings us to:


Despite my longing not to step on the scale after this weekend of candy, alcohol, and multiple pieces of pizza, I did weigh-in this morning. You’ve already made it this far, so I won’t hold out on you any longer:

216.8 lbs.

Hooray! I broke out of the 217s! This makes my total loss-to-date 29.2 lbs. It’s only a .4 lb loss, but hey, I’ll take it.  Especially since I really did eat a lot of candy and crap this weekend. It’s still a loss! And I have more important things than the scale to worry about over the next few weeks anyway. My 5k is a mere 25 days away! Training starts today, so I’ll let you all know how far I make it. My goal is to run 3 times in the gym this week, and do an outside run this weekend. Anybody have any training tips for how to ramp up my mileage over the next few weeks?

And with that, I will now officially end the longest post ever written in the history of blogging, haha. Everyone tell me about your Halloween weekend! And have an amazing day. 🙂


  1. Love the costumes! You look great in your Lucy costume. Congrats on the weight loss! I thought of you as I was running this weekend, I should have your new Under Armour 1/4 Zip when I come down on Thursday so that should help with your outdoor run this week- maybe we can do one together Friday. Try and hit the gym a few days this week and work your way up to 3 miles. Even on a treadmill 3 miles is pretty far!!

  2. Way to go! Sorry we missed the pups in their full regalia!

  3. Ha – love the “Hide ya wife, hide ya kids” costume! That video is so amazing.

  4. haha way to link to my blog that i never update

  5. You look AMAZING! I am so proud of you! I want to come visit and give you hundreds of hugs. Wow, hundreds may not be doable in a limited amount of time. Anyway, I love you and I’m praying for you.

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