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Posted on Oct 13, 2010 in Dear Diary | 4 comments

A Less Than Fortuitous Morning

So I guess in order to balance out my awesome Monday and pretty sweet Tuesday, Wednesday had to take a hit. Poor li’l tyke. This morning got off to a rough start.

I awoke to the chimes of my alarm (read: my iPhone playing “Close Your Eyes” by Young Love – in retrospect this may have been a poor song choice) at 5:45 AM. Yes, that is how early I set my alarm for. However, due to yesterday’s awesomeness at the gym leaving me disgustingly sweaty (but strangely proud of it) I already showered last night. So this morning in my groggy haze, I reset my alarm for 6:15 AM… or so I thought.

At 7:12 AM, I jolted awake from my very strange dream that involved being on a cruise ship that looked like the mall and rescuing my puppy Daxter from a hostage situation (even stranger, this is not the first time I have had a dream like this) and dropped a rather loud F-bomb that scared the dogs right off of the bed. Yep, I had accidentally set my alarm for 5:15 instead of 6:15, so of course, it didn’t go off.

Running around my room in a frenzied panic, I threw on the first semi-work-appropriate clothing I could find, let the dogs out and dumped some food into their bowls, grabbed a bowl of leftovers out of the fridge for lunch, let the dogs back in and high-tailed it. I didn’t have time to let the dogs out a second time after they finished eating so I’m sure Ben will wake up to a nice little puppy poop on the kitchen floor from Daxter (sorry Bro!) Why he has to eat before pooping every morning is beyond me but alas, c’est la vie.

I made it to work by 7:40 which, all things considered, is pretty impressive. However, I am sitting here in my glasses, in black trousers with zippers at the ankles and a hot pink short-sleeved button-up blouse. Oh yeah, with silver t-strap flats and a purple scarf. So… I wouldn’t say I emerged from this whole thing unscathed. I am clearly a victim of some very severe fashion crimes.

I also didn’t have time to eat breakfast this morning, so I munched on some baby carrots and hummus that I had in the fridge at work.

Not too satisfying as a breakfast, I’d say. That is, until I remembered something magical: I received my free Kashi snack sample in the mail yesterday! For those of you who are unfamiliar, Kashi had a free snack drive that they were advertising on TV, and you could pick the kind of snack you wanted (it was really just a choice between sweet and salty). I picked the Kashi TLC Ripe Strawberry Soft-Baked Cereal Bar. It came yesterday and I had tossed it into my purse for JUST SUCH AN OCCASION. I just love my amazing future-predicting powers.

It was delicious, and only 110 calories for being pretty nicely sized. My problem with most of the FiberOne and South Beach Living cereal bars and whatnot are that they’re all tiny! Which is why they can claim 90 calories or whatever. But Kashi, oh my dear sweet Kashi, they always know when a few calories are simply worth being totally satiated.

So, hopefully this little purse-miracle I found means that today will, in fact, end up more fortuitous (sidenote: I love this word) than I had initially thought. But, then again, I don’t want to jinx it, so nevermind. 😉


  1. how much would i kill for a picture of your outfit…? 😉

  2. Please take a picture for us! Pink and purple eh?

    • Jen – you have seen me at my uncoordinated worst, so I think you can imagine what I must look like. All the rest of you… Tough luck. 😉

  3. Oh my gosh! I so all about those Kashi cereal bars! They are so artistic looking. I mean you can see the insides!

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