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Posted on Oct 7, 2010 in Dear Diary | 8 comments


That’s been me the past couple of days. Boring, boring, boring. Hence why I didn’t bother with a post yesterday – nothing exciting has happened! And I don’t want to be driving you, my precious readers, away due to the sheer mind-numbingness of my posts. I also like how I’m talking about this as if today isn’t exactly the same as yesterday, hahaha.

As if to prove my point about how boring I am, I am now going to share with you all of the food I brought to work with me today:

A delicious pear.

A tangerine / mandarin orange (whatever your preferred term may be.)

A Kashi TLC bar (I heart Kashi. Not the lowest in calorie treats out there, but not full of as much processed crap as most other ones so I’ll take it.)

Some whole almonds (raw, unsalted.) Don’t worry, I don’t intend on eating the whole bag… today. 😉

A mini Babybel Light cheese wheel. They’re so cute and so yummy! And 50 calories each, which for cheese really ain’t bad.

It’s 8:37 AM and I’ve already blown through the fruit and the Babybel, so hopefully these snacks will keep me satiated through the day. I’m planning on picking up my main lunch downstairs at the salad bar, as I’m kind of in a fruity mood (cue laughter) as you can see from my double-whammy fruit breakfast: pear + orange = yum. Is there such a thing as too much fruit? I know they are very high in sugar, but I also heard that as long as you’re eating fresh fruit instead of fruit juices it’s ok? Guidance much appreciated. I don’t want to sugar binge, even if it is natural sugar.

So I was a fattyfattyfatty yesterday, shamefully so – I probably had upwards of 2000 calories (if not more.) I went to this seminar thing for work in the afternoon where they served us Corner Bakery for lunch. It was little mini-sandwiches (I had a tomato & mozzerella one but took off the top piece of bread), some pasta salad, chips, and cookies. While I maintain that I practiced quite a bit of restraint (having only 1 cookie is a BIG win for me!!)… it was still kinda bad. And because I wasn’t totally sure of the caloric content except for the little baggie of chips (150) I had to do some estimating, and I always try to estimate OVER, but… yeah. So kind of a fat day yesterday. That’s okay though – I PERSEVERE!

Tonight I’m meeting up with my friend Lara (one of my sister’s BFFs from high school) at Road Runner Sports in Falls Church for a Ladies’ Night they’re hosting in honor of it being Breast Cancer Awareness Month! They’re having massages, snacks, and sports bra fittings! So I’m excited to get another sports bra that hopefully fits awesomely and makes working out less awful (as if it could be less awful… hahaha.) I have one that Jen got me from UnderArmour that is really awesome but still a little bit small. It’s a good thing though, because as I continue to lose weight I’ll still have a really GOOD bra!

Anyway, that’s about all I’ve got for this morning. It’s still early though, so we’ll see if anything continues to develop. I’m going to be spending my afternoon after work cleaning and prepping for the happy hour / launch party tomorrow for Stella & Dot! Hooray!! I’ve got a stellar menu planned out (not that I’ll be eating too much of it, but then again, who knows – it is a celebration!) Like I’ve been saying, if any of you in the DC area feel up to swing by around 6 for a drink pleeeease do! The event is on Facebook, but also feel free to email me at powellgh [at] gmail [dot] com for directions and/or deets.

‘Til next time! <3


  1. Good choice of snacks- real fruit is almost always better than fruit juice, I forget why but it has to do with processed sugars and the other stuff they usually put in juices. If you’re eating so much early in the day is it because you didn’t eat breakfast? Or maybe you need denser more protein filled breakfasts to keep you satiated longer? Anyway- I need to eat more fruit…

  2. I think your sandwich sounds healthy, you even took off the top of the bread! Good job. I don’t think you can have too much fruit :). You should try making a greek yogurt with honey and lemon zest dip then dip the tangerine wedges in it, its delicious!

  3. you tagged me, i’m so happy! and i’m so happy about our bra purchases and pampering evening! thank you for joining me! i look forward to tomorrow!

  4. In all the time I have lived I have never had fruit prevent me from losing weight. What I have been told is you can not eat too much fruit, but a really good tip is to eat the fruit before the rest of the meal. That’s because it clears the way for the the other food since your body processes it faster than carbs or protein and you are able to absorb the nutrients better as it is not sitting on top of the other food in your stomach.

  5. Fruit juice isn’t unhealthy for you, as long as you don’t get the concentrated added sugar kind, and as long as you watch how much you drink. The REAL fruit juices are healthy, but the reason why many people say actual fruits are healthier is a bit of a math problem.

    How many oranges does it take to make one glass of orange juice? 8, give or take depending on size. So basically, you can eat one orange, or drink 8. And when you factor in the natural sugars and carbs in the fruit itself, well you’re technically intaking 8x more than if you just ate an orange.

    This is of course excluding all of those awful “juices” like Fruitopia and such.

  6. On the fresh fruit juice note — for the last few months I’ve been squeezing my own orange juice in the morning. It’s really easy — I take 2 oranges (Sunkists are great — very juicy), cut them in half, and twist the halves on a citrus juicer. Makes mornings amazing.

  7. Haha, I love that you’re squeezing your own oranges Dinah 🙂 And yes, as a daily OJ squeezer, I also use two oranges. Dee-lish.

    As for the “too much” fruit debate. I’m pretty sure the average person is on the “not possible” side of the fence. Most nutritionists will tell you that it’s possible, though, because of the sugar content which is why veggie/fruit smoothies/juices are the best option. Honestly though, I wouldn’t fret over it. People who worry about “too much” fruit are generally the crazy people who eat so healthy they have absolutely nothing else to be finicky about.

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