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Posted on Oct 1, 2010 in Dear Diary | 2 comments

Rain, rain, go away

Well, I woke up feeling a bit better today, despite a slight relapse last night, so hopefully things really are on the up and up! I actually made it to work on time this morning, which is a novelty this week, although the driving situation getting to work these past few days hasn’t been exactly magical:

Someone in the office got my hopes up and said that it’s supposed to be sunny later around mid-day today, so we’ll see! I remain cautiously optimistic. It’s not that I’m a rain-hater, by any means. I kind of like rain. It’s just that when you’re sick, and it’s raining, and it just generally looks gross outside, and you have to contend with other drivers when it’s raining (for some reason, a little precipitation and all driving ability seems to vanish for some people!) it’s just not a winning┬ácombination.

In other news (or rather, related to the original news) I’ve been successfully able to keep down my dinner from last night, and I am starving this morning. My sister says that being hungry is a good sign, so I’m taking that as her blessing to eat my lunch at 8:28 AM (which I may or may not but definitely am doing right now.)

Also, my beloved puppy Daxter decided that rain is totally not his thing. Therefore, he only deigns to stay outside for 30 seconds in the morning, and then comes inside to poop in the kitchen. ::shakes head:: Why does he have to be so darned cute so I can’t even be mad at him?

Oh, the trials and tribulations of (pet) parenthood. He starts puppy obedience school on the 10th, so I have high hopes for him! Maybe he’ll come out of it being as perfect a dog as Harry (or perhaps perfecter! Hehe.)

I hope everyone has a good weekend planned! Mine is entirely too jam-packed – including a retirement party for my Papa! It will be a challenge to get back on track with food after this week of being sick and not caring. Especially if I’m thrust into a party/buffet situation. Guess this will be a good test of me being able to get back on the wagon! Err… off the wagon? I can’t remember which one actually applies. Oh well. Until next time, party people!

Update [12:30 PM]: The rain really has gone away!! It’s gorgeous outside now… at least until it rains next time.


  1. I still say that eating your “lunch” at 8:30am does not mean that it is your “lunch” you are eating, right? It’s like a breakfast, or a morning snack!

  2. glad your feeling better. so envious of your rain, we’re in the middle of a heat wave!

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