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Posted on Sep 25, 2010 in Food | 2 comments

My First Monster

I made a green monster this morning! And it was delicious! Okay, okay, okay, so this isn’t really my FIRST green monster smoothie. But it IS my first successful green monster, and so I think it’s really the only one that matters (to recount the debacle of my first attempt, click here.)

This smoothie included:

2 bananas
a handful of spinach
1 cup of skim milk
a few ice cubes
too much ground flaxseed

I actually ended up blending a TON up, because I had bananas that fell out of the skin as I picked them up and had to use them. So this particular recipe probably isn’t one you’ll want to try unless you’re making smoothies for 2 people… or 3… I also used too much flaxseed so it was a little grainy. I only drank half of the smoothie because it was so thick, but like I said, a success nonetheless! And hey – I’m still learning.

For the rest of breakfast, I made an egg scramble.

That’s got eggs (duh), spinach, mushrooms, tomato, red onion, and a little feta. Mmm! I squirted some organic ketchup on top, and yum-o!

Again, I’m sorry for having been so lacking and boring in the blogging department as of late. I’m inΒ Stella & Dot turbo-mode right now! Today I met with Kelly, my stylist sponsor / upline (their lingo) and we went through what was basically a new stylist task list! So if you got an email announcing my debut as stylist cluttering up your inbox, I apologize! Just trying to get the word out. If you’re feeling generous, hit me up with some fan-love at my new Facebook page. I need all the help I can get! πŸ™‚

Speaking of which, I decided on the date for my launch party!! It’s going to be a happy hour on Friday, October 8th, starting at 6. If anyone in the area is able to, please stop by! You can just swing by after work for 10 minutes to grab a drink and some food, or spend a little time trying on jewelry and chatting with me – whatever you have time for! Contact me for my address/directions at powellgh (at) gmail (dot) com, or grab that info from my e-boutique site: http://stelladot.com/gretchenpowell.

The earrings that I got for Jenny (my sister) at the party last weekend were a resounding success, by the way! She really loves them, and I think they look pretty rad, too! I’m glad I snatched those up for her – probably will have to get another pair to add to the sample pile so other people can try ’em out too!

So all in all, today was pretty nice. I actually got to sleep in (!!!), and then drove up with the pups to Columbia to visit Jenny & her hubster. My parents were already there, and we all had dinner together. I’m actually still up there as I type this, haha! Tomorrow I’m going to Potomac Point Winery with Steve and some friends. Not sure how much wine tasting I’ll actually be participating in since it’s not necessarily diet-conducive, but should still be fun! Hopefully the weather will cooperate, and it’ll just be nice to spend some time with friends I haven’t seen in a while.

How has everyone’s weekend gone? Anyone have some successful green monster recipes for me to try? Does anybody out there in the DC metro area think they’ll be able to stop by my launch party? I’d love to meet up if we can (make this newfangled blogging thingamajigger seem real!)

I hope everyone’s had an amazing weekend so far! Until next time (and I promise that the posts will get back on health-track in short order.)


  1. Oh my what a beautiful monster. My first one was purple from too much fruit and too little green. I made it a mission for three attempts to get a green one. There is nothing more satisfying than a green green monster.

  2. I heart my new earrings! I’m wearing them today (for the third day in a row haha). The egg scramble looks yummy- i’m still on the fence on green monsters… maybe if you make me one i will give it a try πŸ™‚

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