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Posted on Sep 22, 2010 in Dear Diary | 1 comment


Note to self: Kashi Go Lean is not nearly as satisfying when eaten with regular skim milk instead of my delicious, beautiful almond milk. I scarfed down about half a cup of both this morning while in my usual flurry of morning activity, which I guess didn’t leave me as full as usual. Perhaps that is why at 9:30 AM I had to do this to my lunch:

Yes, that is a completely scraped clean bowl of what was whole wheat linguine in a spinach-butternut squash sauce (a variation of the green monster pasta recipe I tried out a few posts back!)

Guess my body really needed a hearty b-fast this morning, which is funny because prior to this diet journey I never used to eat breakfast. In fact, I have had to force myself to eat it most mornings! Suppose that my body is finally getting used to the jump-start though. Yay? Is that good? Haha! I guess I’ll be rooting through the salad bar at the deli in my office building for lunchtime eats today. Oh well.

In other news, probably bordering on TMI, I have a giant, super painful pimple on my cheek:

It’ s been lurking for a while, and reared its ugly head yesterday, or the night before, or something, and I’ve been washing my face and applying spot treatments religiously, but to no avail. It hasn’t even come up to the surface yet, so I guess I’m stuck sleeping on the left side of my face. Anybody have a good deep pimple treatment up their sleeve for me?

Nothing too exciting has happened between this post and the last, except that I saw a coworker that works at another site who I hadn’t seen in probably a month, and he noticed that I’ve lost weight. So yay! I guess it’s slowly but surely becoming more recognizable that I’m shedding my former self (literally!)

I was reading a post on Whitney’s blog a little while ago where she ran into someone who commented on her weight loss and it made her feel very awkward. Maybe it sounds vain, but I felt the opposite! I was really happy (dare I say, excited?) that it’s becoming noticeable. Maybe it sounds vain, but aside from not knowing exactly what to say (“Oh… yeah! Thanks!” is what I went with, I think.) it is nothing but reassuring to me when other people react positively.

Obviously it’s much more noticeable when someone hasn’t seen me for a few weeks, and I see myself every day so it’s a little harder. Which is I think what makes it great when someone new notices, and says something. It makes it feel like my hard work is starting to pay off.

Question of the day: How do/would you feel if someone commented on your weight loss?

1 Comment

  1. I’d feel the same way as you about someone commenting on my weight loss.
    I think that breakfast is really important so it’s great that you’ve gotten into a routine of eating in the morning. I cannot not eat after I get up. I think my blood sugar drops to a point where I feel nauseous within two hours after getting up if I don’t eat, so I don’t ever skip breakfast (though I’ve been known to simply substitute it with lunch if I sleep in).

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