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Posted on Sep 17, 2010 in Food, Pup Posts, Weight Loss | 2 comments

Catching Up

Hey guys, big post today because I have a lot to catch up on! And lucky for you beautiful readers, I have LOTS of pictures to go along with it. Let’s start from this morning and work backwards:

Woke up this morning to some anxious dogs who needed to be let outside – it was so nice to be able to actually sleep in! I feel like I haven’t really been able to sleep in for as long as I like in forevvvvver. I started to rouse around 9:30 and got out of bed a little before 10. I let the dogs out, then decided to make a REAL breakfast – a greek omelette!

I did 1 whole egg and 2 egg whites whipped together with a dash of 1% milk, salt, pepper, and crushed red pepper flakes, then threw some sundried tomato feta, plum tomatoes, turkey, and spinach.

It didn’t turn out quite as pretty as I was hoping, so maybe next time I’ll sauté the inner ingredients beforehand so they’re a little more foldable into the eggs, but it was delicious!!

So yesterday at work we had a baby shower for my coworker! We took her out to lunch at a restaurant of her choice (Coastal Flats – missed you Lara!) where I succeeded in resisting the Ozzie Rolls yet again (!!) and ordered the Hong Kong Style Sea Bass, which our waitress identified as the “healthiest entree on the menu” so how could I not order it? It was delicious, and I subbed out the sticky rice that usually comes as one of the sides for green beans so I felt extra good about it.

In celebration of Sherry’s new baby, I baked cupcakes for the shower the night before. I did a little Googling for a low-calorie cupcake recipe, and found this recipe on Sparkpeople. These were the only ingredients:

A box of Strawberry cake mix and a can of diet Sierra Mist. I know that the cake mix is full of artificial ingredients and partially hydrogenated oils (despite it saying “0 grams trans fats”) but I figured since it was a special occasion, what they hey!

Cooking up these cupcakes gave me the long-awaited opportunity to christen my KitchenAid Mixer!! My brother gave it to me for Christmas and I hadn’t ever used it (despite my bursting into tears when I opened the present – true story.)

Anyway, the recipe was simply to mix the cake mix and can o’ soda together and blend it all together. No oil, butter, eggs — nothing! I added a tablespoon of ground flaxseed in there to healthify it a tiny bit, then tossed it into the cupcake pan. 18 -20 minutes @ 350 degrees, and they came out beautiful and light-tasting. 85 calories per cupcake, un-iced!

For the icing, I couldn’t find any Cool Whip at the grocery store like the recipe says to use, so I made up an icing on my own. It’s probably for the best considering that artificial ingredients in the cake mix anyway – didn’t need to add to that load. I blended fresh raspberries with some butter, sugar, and a tiny dash of whipping cream. It came out a lot runnier than I would have liked, but hey – it was my first time making icing. And even though those ingredients aren’t really diet-friendly, at least I can say with absolute certainty that the icing is all-natural!

I topped off each cupcake with a blueberry, and left a few without icing to bring to the shower for myself, although I ended up eating 1 with icing and 1 without, hehehe. It was a really fun way to end the week at work! (check out my sweet decorating job on the conference room table below):

So to backtrack even further, before I baked up the cupcakes for the baby shower, I made myself dinner Thursday night inspired by this recipe I saw on Whitney’s blog. It’s basically a creamy spinach sauce that comes straight out of the blender! I threw it over some whole wheat pasta shells. The sauce includes:

Raw baby spinach (I threw in like 3 handfuls, hahaha)
1 cup 1% milkfat cottage cheese (I used a no salt added kind so I was able to season the sauce to my liking.)
1 clove raw garlic
Fresh basil
Fresh greek oregano
Crushed Red Pepper Flakes

I ended up having to use some chicken stock to get the ingredients to blend, which ended up thinning out the sauce more than I wanted, but that’s okay! It was really delicious, even more so once the sauce was absorbed by the warm pasta, although I used a huuuuuge clove of garlic and you could REALLY taste it! I think I might go easier on the garlic next time – I love it, but raw garlic is intense. I sliced up some chicken breast that Taylor and Ben had cooked up the day before to serve over it. Yum-o!

And just for logging sake, I do also need to share the lunch that I had earlier that day (we’re still talking Thursday here, just so you remember.) Chipotle!! I am so happy that I’m still able to consume the deliciousness that is Chipotle on my diet. All you have to do is wipe the tortilla, rice, cheese, and sour cream from your meal, and you still end up around 435 calories! (Make sure you stay away from the chips though – 400 calories + ridonk amounts of saturated fat.) Still, it’s kind of amazing. I splurged and got guac on my burrito bowl while I was there, too. In general love ordering it to-go and then dolloping on some plain greek yogurt to recreate the sour cream effect. Mm-mmm good!

Ok, I think I’ve effectively picture-fied your days at this point. So yeah! That covers Thursday through this morning. Whew! Hope everyone is having a good weekend so far!


  1. thanks for the shout out! sea bass is a great healthy choice….any of the salads with dressing on the side…the salmon is not too awful for you (must sub the cauli mash) and the jumbo shrimp is quite healthy also…just trying to give you options….congrats on resisting ozzie rolls again!

  2. That sauce sounds really good. I’m a huge fan of spinach so I may just give it a try sometime.
    The cupcakes look tasty. Unfortunately we don’t have that brand here.


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