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Posted on Sep 13, 2010 in Dear Diary, Weigh Ins | 2 comments

Disheartened Weigh-in #1 (Weigh-in #5)

Wellps, I weighed in this morning. 227.0. Yes, I know, that’s not bad. It’s still a loss, a loss of exactly 1 pound. I know I should be happy, but for some reason I’m disheartened. In fact, I was seriously tempted not to blog about it at all, and pull a fake “Oh no! I forgot about Monday Weigh in again!” but be proud of me, folks, ’cause here I am.

I weighed myself Saturday morning and it read 226.2, which got me excited for today. But I guess that I’m a little “fuller” than I was on Saturday so the scale read higher. I know I shouldn’t be weighing myself that frequently anyway because this is the sort of up-and-down that I know happens constantly, but I just didn’t think would really affect me on an emotional level.

I guess this weekend wasn’t the best for me, so it makes sense. I basically didn’t count calories past breakfast on Saturday and I consumed a lot of sodium and I didn’t drink as much water, so I’m also probably holding on to some extra water…. but still. Cognitively I can know all these things, and still know that I am at least 1 lb lighter than I was around this time last week, but it’s still a little discouraging. I know I SAY my goal is “1-2 lbs per week” but let’s be honest, my real goal is “as much as I can reasonably lose per week.”

I think that because I have been experiencing pretty big losses regularly, it’s hard not to feel like 2+ lbs should be dropping off every week. Which is the kicker, because despite the fact that I KNOW about how weight is lost, how progress can slow and plateau, nobody WANTS to think it’s really going be anything but rolling success.

I guess there’s really nothing to do but continue to press forward though. Hopefully by next Monday I will be in a good place again, and I have an entire week to get back on track before then, I guess. My new weekly Zumba class in Falls Church starts up tomorrow (runs 14 weeks), so I have that to look forward to. I’ve been pretty active lately in terms of walking a lot and actually doing more than sitting on my butt, but I really need to start hitting the gym forrealz because I am definitely not living up to the “work out 3 times a week minimum” goal I set on my Goals & Progress page. Here’s to a better week, and a better weigh-in next time!


  1. I know it can be frustrating to lose the weight slowly, but it is very important to do this the right way, not necessarily the quick way. I always tell myself that the extra weight didn’t show up overnight so I can’t expect to lose it overnight either. And every time I lost a bunch of weight quickly, I gained it all back. Just focus on the fact that you are changing your life for the better and you are making better choices so that you can be healthier. The weight will naturally come off when you make those choices. A pound is still a huge victory. Keep up the great work!

  2. While I find big losses super motivating, I try hard not to expect them, because all that does is make you disappointed. The time will inevitably come when weight loss slows down and the first few weeks are always easiest. So anywhere between 1-2 pounds (or more) and I am happy with the loss, though just a pound will probably also get me a little down at least for a bit. I just try not to think about it too much and instead work toward the next weigh-in. I also find that, as long as you are doing everything right, a lot of times if you’ve only had a small loss one week, the next week is much better.

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