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Posted on Sep 3, 2010 in Food, Weight Loss | 0 comments

Pretty Dish = Delicious Dinner

Well, hopefully it would have been delicious even without the presentation, but it always helps! Ok, quick post (don’t I always say that?) because I am way too tired for a full-fledged one right now. Whew! So there’s my dinner up top – I snapped a quick shot of it once it hit the plate cause I thought it looked pretty. I brought back the balsamic chicken and raw squash salad that I mention in a previous post, but I also tossed the rest of the squash together with some spinach and did a quick hash with them! I got to use a little of the garlic-infused olive oil that I made a few nights ago (not too much though, since EVOO is still faaaaaattyfattyfatty.) And I didn’t even mean to pile the veggies so nicely, they just came out of the cup that way when I was measuring my portion. I thought it looked so nice, I might just have to do that from now on.

Anyway, I am SUPER pooped, since I actually worked out today!!!!!!! (Applause is welcome, though not necessary, hahaha.) I know it’s like not even 9 PM yet, but I am ready for bed. In fact, I’m sitting on my bed in my PJs with two schnauzers strewn at my feet (and Daxter is soooooo clearly not ready for bed, haha.) But I haven’t actually been netting more than 6ish hours of sleep a night during the week lately, so I think I’m due to catch up. I think a little reading and then falling asleep sounds like just the ticket.

And tomorrow is FRIDAY!! Yayyyyy!! And the Friday before a long weekend. Thank goodness I don’t have any plans to travel though – between the holiday weekend and the hurricane I doubt traffic situations will be very happy. Good luck to those of you who are hitting the highways though!!

EDIT: So… yeah. I totally fell asleep last night before I was even able to post this. I am officially an old lady who is able to fall asleep at 8:45 PM.

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