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Posted on Aug 31, 2010 in Food | 4 comments

Fishy, fishy victory.

So today was good. Busy at work, but enjoyable afterwards! Met up with some friends/ex-coworkers for dinner tonight at Sweetwater Tavern, which is just pure deliciousness. I was kind of dreading the venue of choice, admittedly, because of the following:

Aussie rolls. Warm, buttery donut-like rolls that are served as part of the bread basket to every table at Sweetwater (and the rest of the Great American Restaurants.) They are my downfall. My vice. 200 calories at least EACH, and served with an amazing, delicate sweet butter. Seriously, I was just AT Sweetwater and my mouth is watering. But, my friends, you should be exceptionally proud of me. I didn’t eat a single one. I also managed to abstain from the calamari that my friend Reema ordered.

I did end up eating quite a bit, cause I just couldn’t resist two of the special items that they announced once we sat down. I forgot to take a picture of it, but I got a nice ahi tuna appetizer, served just seared around the edges and raw in the middle (i.e. perfectly) with a little soy sauce. And then for my main course I got grilled mahi mahi with a cabbage and jicama slaw, served atop black beans and crispy tortilla shells. Mmmmm.

Again, my loves, be proud of me, for I only ate the fresh deliciousness that was the fish (though a little salty) and the slaw (no mayo dressing or anything, tasted like it was tossed with vinegar) and left the shell and beans intact. I ain’t a liar! Here’s your proof:

So it was definitely delicious, although my sodium content is probably through the roof and it was probably a little oily, too, but I had a good day food-wise otherwise. I had a whole wheat english muffin with almond butter and flax seed for breakfast, and then for lunch some home-made chicken “salad”. I’ll have to post the recipe soon, but it’s basically roasted chicken breast cubed up, then tossed together with grapes and diced bell pepper mixed with some plain nonfat greek yogurt. Very fresh and crisp tasting, and super low in fat. That paired with some extra grapes and blueberries left me quite satisfied.

It is unfortunate when I eat out at a restaurant that doesn’t have nutritional information posted online or anything, but hopefully I made some good choice regardless. I got some things that I ordered from Amazon today, which included the “Eat This! Not That!” book series, a steamer (yay!!) and my new food scale (double yay!!) Hopefully I’ll be make some delicious low-calorie concoctions and choices because of them!

All in all, a pretty good day! Though I’m feeling pretty bloated due to the massive amounts of sodium from dinner right now. Gotta hydrate! I really need to be better about drinking water in general. What are some tips for making sure I’m always meeting my water goals? As always, advice is much appreciated. Reema and I are headed for Zumba again tomorrow, so be prepared for another sweaty, exhausted update. 🙂


  1. gretchen, proud of you…and if it helps, ozzie rolls are far more than 200 calories a piece, and to know the actual nutrition information would make you sick…keep it up!

  2. again, i am super impressed with your self restraint! Not only did you make healthy choices for appetizer and entree but resisting the bread basket is always something i have not been able to do. i’d have to be one of those annoying people who asks the server not to bring the basket or to take it away! lol.

  3. I second the comments above! Spectacular self control and excellent menu choices!

  4. I grew up in northern Virginia and my family used to go to Sweet Water all the time. Those rolls were so killer. I always thought they tasted like doughnuts too. Could’ve eaten nothing but those for dinner and been perfectly happy 🙂 Good for you for sticking to your plan, you seem very motivated!

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