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Posted on Aug 30, 2010 in Weigh Ins | 2 comments

Weigh-in #3

Wellps, stepped on the scale this morning: 231.8. So, another 1.2 lbs down, which isn’t a lot but hey, it’s still a loss so I guess I can’t really complain!

As you may have gleaned if you picked through my last post, I’m in the midst of my monthly, er, feminine situation so I am way bloaty and just generally feeling gross. So I’m gonna mentally assume my loss is really a few ounces more hahaha.

Anyway, I know I’m lame for not posting about Kings Dominion and the rest of the weekend yet, but that’s still to come later. Just wanted to give an update!


  1. YAY!! progress is progress!!

  2. ABSOLUTELY! Still headed in the right direction and that is EXCELLENT!!

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