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Posted on Aug 26, 2010 in Food, Pup Posts, Weight Loss | 1 comment

Hot diggity dog!

Enjoyable day today! Ran super late this morning, and had a doggie health scare last night (everything is hunkydory though, don’t worry!) so didn’t think it would go too swimmingly, but it all seemed to turn out okay. My delicious and surprising discovery from the day is that the little deli/cafe in the building that I work in actually has some pretty awesome healthy snacks for sale! I bought a few bags of asian snacks – rice crackers and edamame that are super low in fat and have pretty great nutrition stats for the portion. Yay!

Food stats: Had some Kashi Go Lean with almond milk (which, PS, is AMAZING) for breakfast, and a Fiber One 90 Calorie Chewy bar as my mid-morning snack. Then had a nice bulky salad for lunch, and threw together a little stew-type dish with some lean ground beef, spinach, onion, mushrooms, peas, garlic, and potatoes for dinner. Mmm!

After dinner, Taylor and I took the pupsters for a nice, looooong walk. We were out for the better part of an hour, which left the dogs like this:

Those are some pooped puppies! I’m really trying to get into the habit of walking Daxter & Harry more regularly though – it’s good for both them and me! Plus, Harry’s getting a little chunky lately… gotta nip that in the bud. 🙂 It was great to just get out, and we walked by the new groomer that I found online earlier that turns out to be a totally walkable distance from my house! I’m really excited about this new place, it has great reviews and they even do doggie-hairstyling and hair-dyeing! So tempting… hahahaha, just kidding. Maybe.

Anyway, I feel like today was a pretty successful day. Feeling satisfied and exercised, and it’s obviously a serious step up from yesterday’s fiasco (although my dog-walking today can’t compare with the Zumba workout… as you saw. Haha!) Watching last night’s Top Chef now, and might partake in a little frozen yogurt in a bit. I still have a couple hundred calories to fill for my 1500 quota, shockingly enough!

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  1. I’m glad the doggies are getting more exercise!! As you said- good for them and you!

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