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Posted on Aug 24, 2010 in Fail | 6 comments

Bad day made worse.

Well, today was decidedly NOT a great day. I woke up late, was running late for work, and as such managed to scrape up against a nice fat pillar in the parking garage at my office. So, passenger side doors dented and scraped to no end, and it’s gonna cost me at least $500 to fix (my insurance deductible.) I was really looking forward to today too! Le sigh…

I was looking forward to today, because after work was my appointment to cash in my awesome Living Social deal for Zoe Salon & Spa in Tysons which included a massage AND a facial AND a manicure for like $92 (which I had already paid for, so it wouldn’t have even helped save money for car repairs if I hadn’t gone.) So, yeah, pretty awesome deal considering just a massage alone there is $90. Anyway, I was all set for my day of pampering in the morning, and then the car thing just bummed out my whole day. By the end of it I needed to be pampered!

The day did go up once I got to the salon though, because it was pretty awesome. It’s a little expensive for me to go there normally, but the massage therapist I had (June) was amazing (it was soooo painful in a good way), and the manicurist I had (Mei) was really nice too. They’re both Chinese, and I heard them speaking Chinese to each other so I chimed in a little bit and they were both SHOCKED that I spoke Chinese. Now, I don’t REALLY speak it that well, but I do still remember at least a bit (I am half-Chinese, after all, I have to have SOME knowledge!) Anyway, long story short, we are now BFF and I want go back JUST for them.

So other than meeting awesome Chinese spa-ists, it was a bad day. But I only made it worst because I experienced my first HUGE diet backslide (all my own fault of course… sigh.) I was upset, so I decided to forego the lunch I packed for myself and headed downstairs to the deli in my building. Where I proceded to order and consume a meatball sub and chips. Grah! I’m so mad at myself! I knew even as I was shoving each saturated fat-laden bite into my mouth that it was wrong, that it was bad, that it was against everything I’ve already been working so hard for, and I ate it all anyway. I’m so disappointed in myself.

El Diablo.

Now, this isn’t to say that I’m going to let this one mistake make me fall off the wagon by any means. But it still is a set-back. I’m cooking a healthy dinner right now, some of my special (newly created) Gretchen’s Goulash with fresh veggies from the farmers market and some lean pork. But it puts my overall self-given “grade” for the day still in the C- to D level, and let me tell you, it still smarts. So, that’s my little rant. I was going to post pictures of the dinner I made but I might save it for a recipe later on if this goulash thing turns out to be any good. I don’t even know if it really qualifies as a goulash (what IS goulash?) but that’s what I’m going with for right now.

Until next time, dear readers. Hopefully tomorrow proves to be a legitimately good day – in all senses of the word.


  1. ehh! Bummer. The good news is tomorrow is a new day with the potential for an A grade. 😉

  2. I’m glad you’re not letting one less than healthful meal push you off the wagon completely- everyone is entitled to some indulgences, although eventually hopefully you can find better ways to make yourself feel better after something bad happens rather than food! At least you got pampered after work!

  3. Aw, I feel bad for you about the car – I have pretty much the IDENTICAL scrape on my car – except above the wheel. Stupid parking garage pillars and being in a rush.

    I think setbacks are unavoidable though – and I’m so impressed that you’re not letting that one meal derail you.

    I worked for so long to get past the whole mentality of “Wow, I just ate way too much pizza/nachos/food I hadn’t planned for, so basically my whole day is ruined. I might as well overeat on ice cream since it’s all down the drain already.” That day would roll over into that weekend, which would roll over into that week.

    I really enjoy reading your blog!

    • @Marianne: thanks so much! Yeah, this whole “don’t let one slip-up turn into twelve slip-ups” thing is brand new for me too. I used to figure, “wellps, the day is ruined anyway, better live it up!” so this is new territory for me too. Here’s hoping it sticks!!

  4. I’m sorry you had a bad day. Just remember that tomorrow is another start. Try not to feel so guilty. Remember that it is okay to give in to cravings every once in a while because it is about balance and moderation. But it may not be a good idea to do give in to cravings when you are stressed like that because it’s probably not about the food at the point. I don’t know if you have heard of it, but you should read the book, “Women, Food, and God.” It changed my entire life and my relationship with food. I’m not even religious at all and I absolutely loved it. Maybe you would as well.

  5. Goulash is Hungarian and involves soup with paprika, some meat, and some noodle or veggies. I have a recipe somewhere. It is not “just a bunch of random stuff” like some people use the word “goulash” to mean. They are allowed to say what they want, but they are also incorrect. 🙂

    I am so sorry you had such a bad day! I’m glad you didn’t let it ruin the rest of your life though:) I am loving reading your blog, btw. Still trying to figure out when I visited you (in relation to what I am reading on your blog).

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