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Posted on Aug 18, 2010 in Weight Loss | 4 comments


So take a look at this hot mess. Yep, that ankle on the bottom, that is one swollen ankle. Ignore the weird color that the flash turned my skin. This is the aftereffect of me missing the last step on the stairs because I was carrying too much laundry and couldn’t see. Brilliant, right? I missed the step and landed right on my ankle. Hard. Needless to say I didn’t make it Zumba last night, but hopefully I’ll be in rip-rarin’ condition by next Wednesday and can try it out then.

Other than that, however, I’ve actually been having a pretty good day! I had a bit of a challenge at lunch because my coworkers and I went to a Thai restaurant (if you’ve never been to Busara out by Tysons, you should try it out! Not my absolute favorite Thai place, but pretty good and sooooo convenient) to welcome a new member to our team. I ended up getting the Gai Pad Pak, which is a chicken and vegetable dish in a soy-ish broth. It was really good and seemed fairly light. I only ate half my portion of rice as well. I was a sucker though, and I got a mango sticky rice for dessert. Now, the mango I ate was fresh and juicy and delicious, but the sticky rice is made with coconut milk, which is super high in fat. I didn’t eat all the rice, and it was totally worth it for the deliciousness in my mouth, but still. Felt a little guilty.

I meant to blog my low-fat fajita recipe yesterday but got sidetracked by complete and total exhaustion, so that’s still to come, I promise, I promise. I also really want to try making my own whole wheat english muffins because I’ve become addicted to them as a breakfast staple but they’re kind of expensive (plus I already bought a thing of whole wheat flour to play with!) Anybody have any ideas? I’ve found some recipes online but none of them provide nutritional information, like calorie or fat content. Not sure how I would calculate that for myself either, other than just adding the numbers of all the ingredients and splitting it by the number of servings I make. Guess this is the world of food preparation that I need to learn!

Obviously my activity level is somewhat limited due to my current injury (it’s not an excuse, I swear!) but hopefully this won’t deter me too much this week. At least I went to the gym yesterday, and did ALL my laundry, including sheets and towels, which was a workout in itself re-making my bed. Here’s hoping I make a speedy recovery and can literally be back on my feet again!


  1. Hope your ankle feels better! Try not to feel too guilty about indulging in the dessert. A little indulgence every once in a while is okay. It’s all about balance. And it sounds like you did pretty well during lunch.

    As for the english muffins, if you go to sparkpeople.com they have a recipe website and they have a recipe calculator on that website. You can enter in all the ingredients from your recipe and how many servings it makes and it will tell you how many calories, fat grams, carbs, fiber, etc. the food has. I have used that tool many times for my dishes!

  2. No idea about making english muffins — good luck with that!

    Sorry about your ankle, I hope you feel better soon.

  3. I hope the ankle gets better soon. It looks pretty painful. I’ve also missed a step on the stairs at my parents’ house before but I fell flat on my face (well on my arms). That was years ago but not the most pleasant experience either (especially since I was holding my flute as I fell, thankfully nothing happened to it). Since then I always make sure not to miss a step.

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