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Posted on Aug 12, 2010 in Food | 9 comments

You gotta spend money to make… weight loss?

Hello blogosphere! First off, let me just say thanks to all my new readers and commenters! And thanks to Anne @ fANNEtastic food for sending all of you my way! Everyone is being so supportive and helpful, this is really turning out to be a far less horrible experience than I was initially dreading! 🙂

So for lunch today, I banged out a rockin’ salad at work: spinach and mixed greens, red onion, mandarin oranges, green peppers, avocado, and goat cheese. Delish!

The killer was definitely the poppyseed dressing that I was keeping in the fridge at work from before this whole endeavor. It is REALLY bad. Like 170 calories a serving (which is only 2 tbsp!) and lots of fat. So I only used 1 tablespoon of it and it went quite a long way, which is good I guess, but still pretty bad calorie- and fat-wise. The salad was also really big, since I was trying to use up some ingredients, but overall I consider it to be fairly healthful (maybe less goat cheese next time, and I’ll try to go sans-dressing.)

I went to the gym after work (!!) and did 25 minutes on the elliptical. Yay! I also did a 3 sets of front presses – 12 reps each. Whew! My arms are sure to be sore tomorrow, but it was good. I stopped at Whole Foods on the way home and ended up spending WAAAAAAY too much money (hence the title!) Because I stayed very strict on what I was buying, but I gotta say, healthy food is EXPEN$$$IVE! Got a pretty good haul though:

And I got a huuuuge thing of nonfat Fage greek yogurt, too, only to find out that my roommate had bought the exact same thing earlier today at CostCo. So I guess there will be no shortage of yogurt in this household in the near future! And yup, that’s right: You’re looking at scallops and a piece of wrapped salmon at the bottom right there! Which brings us to the next part of the post… my super delicious and amazing dinner!!

Salmon and scallops and spinach – oh my!

I took some pictures of when I was cooking it as well, but then I realized that it wasn’t anything special, and so didn’t really deserve a recipe post. Basically I just sauteed the spinach with 3 cloves of garlic (a lot of garlic, I know, but yummm), seared the scallops and salmon with a little salt, pepper, and lemon juice all in a little olive oil.

I made double portions of the scallops and salmon, so I have enough for lunch tomorrow, too! Success, I think. I hope. Overall, a pretty good day, and I think it’s been a really great week so far in terms of my goals (it’s always easy in the beginning though!)

Tomorrow will be the real test – we’re having some friends over and my brother invited them all to come for a potluck dinner. So I’m sure there will be tons of delicious and terrible food that will be a challenge to abstain from. I’m pretty worried. What tips do you have for me to hold my resolve through tomorrow night? My sister suggested eating dinner beforehand so I don’t eat anything at the potluck. But I feel like if I eat beforehand I’m just more likely to eat my dinner and then eat MORE at the potluck on top of it, you know? Just because it’s, well, there. Ideas? Please – your input is not only valued, it’s necessary! 🙂

Thanks again for the support, love, and lessons, everyone! Keep ’em coming – I need all the help I can get!


  1. Goat cheese added to anything is wonderful! I love it on pizza, in a veggie omelette, salads… so flavorful!
    Oh, and the yogurt – mix up a few smoothies! It’ll be great!

    Good call on the smoothies! I do love them… should probably invest in a blender first though, huh? Do you have any particular favorite ingredient combinations you can pass on to me?

  2. Well, maybe you could bring a dish you like that is good for you and then eat mostly that and just a little of what the others bring. But I also believe in splurging every now any then (but in moderation). I would probably just eat what people bring to the potluck, just try not to overeat, if that makes sense?
    I’d also love some more readers on my blog, how did you do that? (I just saw you also just started your blog but seem to have quite a few readers already.)

    It’s all thanks to my sister’s friend Anne – she has a veeeeeery popular blog (www.fannetasticfood.com) and she gave me a shout-out on her blog when I told her about what I was doing here! Yeah, I was definitely thinking similarly about just eating at the potluck… but I would have to keep an ironclad grip on my portions! Not sure if I have it in me…. hmm.

  3. Make a dish that you KNOW is healthy and take a reasonable portion of it. Plan to try only those things that you can’t really have at other times – ‘special’ dishes if you will and try to ballpark them.

    If you approach the potluck thinking about whaty you CAN have, as oppoosed to what you CAN’T you’re more likely to keep yourself in check — instead of feeling deprived and defeated to begin with!

  4. It is a sad thing that it is frequently cheaper to eat fast-food crap than healthy… On the other hand, when you add scallops to your list…no wonder! 🙂 But I agree, you do need to pamper yourself a little in the midst of your disciplined endeavor!

  5. The meal looks delicious!

    Have you tried to make your own “homemade” yogurt? Very easy, very cheap and wonderful in smoothies.

  6. Take something healthy that you can fill up with, and then just put mouthful sized servings of a couple of things that you REALLY want to try, so that you don’t feel like you’re missing out. Don’t try to half fill your plate because you’ll still be hungry and more likely to go back for more, so make sure you have a decent sized serve of what’s healthy.

    Then, and this is the most important part, if you’re not all eating at the table, move far far far away from the food and find someone to chat to while you eat. If you’re talking and the food is far away you’re less likely to go back for more.

    Good luck!

  7. Anne made a suggestion last night when we were discussing this about making a large salad, something low in calorie but filling, that way you’re not starving when the potluck starts. Also, similar to what other people said- choose what you eat judiciously and watch your portions. Just take a mouthful if it is something you just want to taste. You can do it!

  8. @Sonya: No, I haven’t! How do you make homemade yogurt? I love cheap. 😀 I’d love to try!

  9. Thanks for your suggestions, everyone!!

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