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Posted on Aug 10, 2010 in Food, Weigh Ins | 4 comments

No delusions, please.

Quick post: Had leftovers from last night for dinner – another turkey patty, squash&spinach hash, plus a bit of corn&bean salad I threw together with a dollop of greek yogurt (replaces sour cream wonderfully!)

I definitely need to try to will myself to only do weekly weigh-ins. I weighed myself tonight (about the same time as last night) and the scale said 241.8 lbs?! I know that it’s all “water weight” and that I didn’t actually lose 5 pounds in one day, but it’s still a little crazy to see that kind of change. What does water weight even mean? I drank a crapton of water today, so wouldn’t that make me weigh more?

So which day of the week should I pick to be my weigh-in day? I feel like this should carefully chosen, considering how a good or bad weigh-in will probably affect the rest of the day juuuuust a bit. Opinions are welcome.


  1. i say Monday morning because a) it gives u motivation for the rest of the week. b) it keeps u in check over the weekend. and c) supposedly ur lighter in the morning than in the evening….

  2. Hi Gretchen, I found you via Mary’s blog (A Merry Life). I think water weight refers to the weight that is deposited in your tissue (not your bladder), and ironically, drinking a lot makes you deposit less water in your tissue.
    As for which day to pick as your weigh-in day? I would definitely pick one that you can weigh in in the morning. Trust me, mornings (post-bathroom, pre-breakfast, nude) are the most rewarding. It’s when your weight is the lowest. So depending on your daily schedule, I would pick a day when you are not stressed in the morning, so you never have to postpone the weigh-ins. I just finished grad school and don’t have a job yet so any day works for me. That’s why I picked my weigh-in day to coincide with that of my weight loss buddy. When I find a job, I may switch it to Saturday so I don’t have to weigh in before work. I do like Diane’s suggestion as well, though.
    I just (re)started my weight loss journey as well, so I’d love for you to check out my blog. I would love to share advice and encouragement with you.

  3. I am sooooooo proud of you! I mean obviously you look just beautiful no matter what, but that is great that you are trying to get healthy! I miss you and I wish I could be there to support you. I’m not sure that I would be very helpful since my chicken didn’t turn out right for dinner so we ended up just eating green beans, biscuits, and shells & cheese.


    Schpanks, Beffers! You’re always so sweet! Yeah, I think it might be a good thing that we don’t have access to each other + Sheetz anymore… even though I miss you sooooooo much!

  4. Hi Gretchen,

    I found you through Anne’s blog (fannetasticfood) and I just wanted to throw my support into the ring as someone else trying to lose weight.

    I would definitely cut back on your weigh-ins; I do mine once a week. You tend to lose/gain anywhere up to 4-5lb over the course of a day, and obviously you don’t eat exactly the same things at exactly the same time every day, so you’re never going to be the same weight on a day to day basis. To find your true weight you should step on the scales first thing in the morning, after you pee but before you eat. As Karen said, just find a day and stick to it. I find that it works best for me lining it up with the calendar week, so I weigh myself on a Saturday morning before going to step class, since I’m already up and fitness-focussed. That way I go into the weekend fully aware of my weight and less likely to stray from my diet.

    Apart from that, my only advice of the moment is to take things slowly! For permanent weight-loss you want it to be manageable, so, if you’re like me and can’t live without something sweet in your day, just include a small serving of it and factor that into your calorie consumption, because otherwise you’ll go nuts and binge one day and that will be much worse.

    Keep up the good work!


    Thanks Katherine! All very good tips – especially the whole don’t deprive yourself thing. That’s what’s hard for me, eating something I know is bad, but trying to know that it’s okay in moderation especially if it will prevent a breakdown later!! I hope your weight-loss journey is going well for you too!

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